Use IdentityLab to securely test potential financial fraud risks

Utilizing zero knowledge cryptography, confidentially evaluates risks linked to financial fraud factors without disclosing your clients' information


A new tool for financial client risk assessment

Be an early tester

Get access to limited-availability experiments.

Test New Scenarios

See how AI offers new ways to use identityworks products.

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IdentityLab benefits

Low Cost Solution

IdentityLab provides a DIY no-cost solution or a low cost hosted solution to allow clients to test Identityworks without having to risk exposing their own sensitive information.

Reduce Barriers

Using IdentityLab to evaluate our solution reduces the risk and friction associated with a software trial. There is no software installation required within the customer’s environment and sensitive customer data does not have to leave the customer’s environment.

Confidentiality First

If customers want to run tests using their own data, IdentityLab will provide a private virtual environment that can be run locally within the customer environment or we can provide a private, safe, and fully encrypted cloud-based environment.

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